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Android 10 rollout Wave 2 is now live for Nokia 3.2

Android 10 for Nokia 3.2

Nokia Mobile today kicked off the 2nd wave of the Android 10 to the Nokia 3.2. The update should now be available globally, except in the 3 countries where the approvals are still pending.

As before, not all users will get the update today. To balance the load and ensure a smooth rollout, about 10% of the Nokia 3.2 users will get the update today. The remaining 50% will be covered by 23rd April, and the deployment will reach 100% users by 25th April.

Excluded countries:

  1. Bulgaria – Vivacom
  2. Ireland – All
  3. UK – All

Users in Bulgaria who are not on Vivacom should get the update. And if you are using Vivacom, most likely removing the SIM card will allow you to get the software update.

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