Android 12 update for Nokia G21 is rolling out now

Android 12 for Nokia G21

HMD Global has started upgrading the affordable Nokia G21 to Android 12. The update is already available in some markets, including Germany and Malaysia. Android 12 build for Nokia G21 is version 2.420 and comes bundled with the Google security patch until September 2022.

Android 12 brings a revamped UI design along with features such as Privacy Dashboard, Dynamic colors based on the wallpaper, Conversation Widgets, and improvements to accessibility features.

As usual, HMD publishes updates in waves, so not all regions will receive the update today. Similarly, around 50% of the total user base will receive updates in the regions covered during the initial days of the rollout.

If you own a Nokia G21, you can manually poll the update server to check for new updates. Simply head over to Settings > System > System update and press on the “Check for update” button. If the update is seeded to your region, you will be greeted with the update information.

Nokia G11 is overall identical to the Nokia G21. Hence, this rollout to the Nokia G21 should bring the Android 12 upgrade to the Nokia G11 shortly.

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