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Android 8.1 update available for Nokia 7 (China). Includes May patch, Dual VoLTE, Face Unlock & more!

Android 8.1 update for Nokia 7

Nokia Mobile is finally rolling the Android 8.1 update for the Nokia 7. The update also packs the May security patch and a lot of features & enhancements. Nokia Mobile has kind-of made the update so much worth the wait. Let’s take a look at all the new features in 224B.B01 update for Nokia 7.


New Features in Android 8.1 update for Nokia 7

  • Android 8.1
  • Dual SIM Dual Standby Dual VoLTE – In short, the phone can keep both SIM cards at 4G network. More details about the feature here.
  • Bluetooth battery level indicator added
  • Face recognition unlock added
  • Gaming Do Not Disturb mode added
  • Nokia Pro Camera added
  • System theme adapts to the wallpaper color
  • Enhanced power management
  • Enhanced camera interface
  • Improved compatibility of 3.5mm headphone jack with different headphones
  • Google security patch for May 2018

Nokia 7 8.1 update with Dual VoLTE , Face Recognition

With all these enhancements included, the update can’t be small. That’s why the update is sizeable at 698MB and requires 1402MB of space. Nokia Mobile is doing a wonderful job at delivering Android updates, even in China.

Notice: The update log publishes a warning that the update will clear the settings of camera app. So, you are required to set them and also provide camera permissions to all the apps in which you use the camera viewfinder.

If you own a Nokia 7 and haven’t gotten the update yet, then it is the right time to check Settings > System > System update.

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    • Hello, it means that the theme will change its color based on the color of the wallpaper. So, if you set a dark wallpaper, then the all apps and quick toggles area will go dark. This is an Android 8.1 feature.

      • I buy from China geekbyuing.if isn’t the official China ROM how to get the official?

        • The official China ROM comes with only 3 languages – Chinese, Chinese (Simplified) and English. The one that your phone is running most likely contains all the languages. Chinese resellers are doing this to better serve the global customers. However, these customized ROMs have no upgrade path.
          If you want to go back to the official China ROM, then you’ll have to buy a Device reset service from a Chinese provider. They typically charge around 150RMB or 200RMB (via PayPal) to reset your phone with the official China ROM.

          • Please, how do I contact them if I want to do this, and what’s the disadvantages of moving the ROM back to a Chinese while I live in another country?

          • What do you advice, should I return the phone to seller, cos my 4g sim don’t even work on it, and I need Google Play store, plus I purchase a lot on store, or I should just switch back to the native ROM (China)?

          • 4G not working could be an issue of the phone’s incompatibility with your network provider. That is why we should ideally check and compare the network bands supported by the phone with those used by the carrier.

            Isn’t Google Play Store already installed on the Global version that your phone is running? The China ROM is good enough and everything works just fine. It is a bit on the heavier side though and takes about 15GB of space when you first turn the device on. If you are happy with the phone’s form factor and usability, and if you can bear the unavailability of 4G, then you can keep it. Else just return it and buy a Nokia which offers a global ROM.

          • Cool. Thanks.
            I’m very concerned about the update issue. I used to have Android 8.1 on my last phone, 4g worked perfect. I only had issue with the RAM which was 2GB. I don’t know if I should go for a Nokia 6.1, I hope we got Oreo for that.

          • All original Nokia phones are updated to the latest version of Android. The Nokia 6.1 (official ROM) runs Android 8.1 and July security patch 🙂
            Just buy directly from Nokia instead of buying unofficially.

  • I have Nokia 7, but I live outside China. Is there a way to update manually to Nokia’s new is version? I’m stuck with Android 7.1

    • I believe it is running the WW firmware which has no upgrade path because the Nokia 7 was never made global. You can buy service from China who will flash your phone with China firmware for a price. It cost me 150RMB for that.
      The Chinese firmware does not have global languages tho and it is not stock Android.

  • In Europe is not posible to update to OREO 8.1.I have Nokia 7 with Nougat 7.1.1.and security patch from 01.12.2017.

    • The Nokia 7 was only sold in China. The official software/firmware for Nokia 7 is only in CN localization and only English and Chinese languages. It also lacks Google apps (except for Google Play Services). If your phone runs Android One with all languages, then your seller has installed a tampered firmware on it which is not maintained or developed by Nokia.
      So, you have two options:

      1. Stay like this.
      2. Unlock the bootloader and flash original CN firmware. That will get the software updates normally. The latest security patch for Nokia 7 is October 2018.

  • Thx. for info,Im from Croatia and when i must change firmware to the CN then I dont have more Croatian languages and that is not god for me.Why can I not have the securitys updates with mein languages?

    • You can always add languages to phones using the “More Locale” app. What I’m more concerned about is the network frequencies. Some users at XDA have complained that mobile data or LTE does not work for them after installing 8.1 update on the official CN ROM. It works fine for me in India. So, it is definitely dependent on regions and operators.

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