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Video – C4ETech Unboxing the Nokia 6 & Camera Review

nokia 6 hero

Here’s a crisp video of a Nokia 6 getting unboxed by C4ETech. C4ETech, one of the top YouTubers in India who really stands out for the video content & quality.

Anyways, you get to see the phone from every angle and then you listen to the pleasing Nokia tune which refreshes the memories of past. The video then takes you through the main interface and finally ending with a quick look at the camera.

Nokia 6 Camera Review by C4ETech

Next, he went ahead and did a proper camera review of the Nokia 6. The conclusion is that the Nokia 6 gives good performance in daylight, but lacks when there is unavailability of ample lighting. He concludes by saying that the camera might not be worth it for the asking price of the Nokia 6.

What do you guys think of the Nokia 6? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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