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Caution: November OTA to Nokia X7 in China is apparently bricking the phones

Nokia X7

A recent update (November security patch) to Nokia X7 in China has apparently bricked the phones of all users who installed the update. The affected devices are said to be not booting up at all after the system requested for a restart post the installation of update. The devices do not respond at all and go to EDL (Emergency Download) mode aka Qualcomm 9008 mode.

Due to the nature of the issue, a customer end fix is unlikely. Nokia Mobile (HMD Global) is suggesting users to approach an official Nokia Care point. The phones need to be flashed with factory firmware to get back to life. Unfortunately, this also means that the user data cannot be retained.

Update: Nokia Mobile has released a tool to fix the bricked phones. The tool is available for Windows and the good thing is that the user data is retained.

Nokia Mobile is also offering the users to return the phone to the seller for exchange or a return and refund. Here is the statement from Nokia Mobile China (translated).

Dear Customer Hello, we apologize for product updates that may cause your phone to fail to power on. In order to make your mobile phone normal use as soon as possible, it is recommended that you go to Nokia after-sales service center for free Brush recovery, after-sales address can call 400 800 0826 to inquire. If our products do not meet your satisfaction, you can also through the original purchase channels for Exchange or return processing, and once again express deep apologies to you.

If you have a Nokia X7, then take caution and postpone the installation of all software updates till a fix is pushed. If you have imported the phone to another country, then it is even more important for you. The regional Nokia Care will essentially deny to service your imported product. We cannot confirm if the rollout of the buggy update is stopped already or not.

Opinion: Nokia Mobile should be act more cautions before pushing software updates. Each release should be deeply tested before being released to the customers. It is a pity when an official update causes users to lose their data. Also, Nokia Mobile should develop resources to allow users to flash/reset their phones at their own premises.

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