ExpectMore! New phones launching in Dubai on 5th December

Yes, you read it right! Nokia Mobile will hold their next event in Dubai on 5th December 2018. The announcement was made by the company CPO – Juho Sarvikas on Twitter where he shared a teaser showing three smartphones. Check his tweet along with the teaser below:

The image in the tweet has three smartphones and two of them carry a notch which can be seen in the teaser. The size of the notch is same as we saw on the Nokia X6/6.1 plus which means this is a separate phone and not the Nokia X7 which as of now is exclusive to china.

The third smartphone on the right is the most mysterious one. Some edited images where users increased the brightness reveal it to be a notchless device. Currently, Nokia 9 PureView is the only upcoming Nokia smartphone that we are aware of which doesn’t have a notch.

Nokia Dubai launch

The event is just a couple of weeks away and Nokia Mobile is promoting it with a hashtag #ExpectMore so we can expect the launch of one or more devices.

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