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HMD Global also releases the Kernel Source Code of Nokia 8.1

Nokia 8.1

It seems that HMD Global (Nokia Mobile) isn’t done after uploading the source code for Nokia 7 Plus. The open source webpage is updated again today (3rd January), and now the source code of newly launched Nokia 8.1 is made available. The Nokia 8.1 is the newest Nokia smartphone and one of the few phones (across OEMs) which run on the Qualcomm 710 platform.

Availability of source code would have been big news in the development community, only if the bootloader on the Nokia 8.1 was unlockable. There is currently no means (not even unofficial) to unlock the bootloader on the Nokia 8.1. On the other side, it is still lovely to see HMD complying with the laws.

Today’s release completes the availability of source code for nearly all Nokia phones running Android One. If you want to check out the source code, then follow the source link below.

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