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HMD Global opens a R&D centre in Tampere, Finland

HMD Global starts R&D facility in Tampere, Finland

Just as we enter into the 2nd half of the year 2020, HMD Global, the startup behind the re-introduction of Nokia phones has some great new news to share. HMD Global is acquiring Valona Labs – a mobile, enterprise and cybersecurity software company. The acquisition lays the foundation for the brand new R&D centre of HMD Global in Tampere, Finland.

The acquisition helps HMD Global in gaining the assets, insights and experience to avoid the need to start from the very basics of device management and data security for the enterprises. Florian Seiche – CEO HMD Global announced back in April that Enterprises are a very important segment/customer for HMD Global. The acquisition of Valona Labs should go towards delivering more tailored and well-developed security & device protection services to HMD’s enterprise customers. Ari Heikkinen who is the co-founder Valona Labs is joining HMD Global as the Senior Director of Security and Enterprise Solutions.

Valona Labs has had no direct relation to the consumers and hence the assets and their uses should remain limited towards the enterprise customers. However, what’s interesting for us Nokia fans is that there will be a global R&D centre in Tampere where HMD Global will do more than just serving the enterprises. HMD’s press release mentions that the new centre will specialise in software, security-related intellectual property and services, and will propel HMD Global’s transition from a purely hardware business, to a combined hardware and services company.

Further, the press release mentions that..

Over the coming months, the centre in Tampere will concentrate on developing this service further and begin work on other services such as remote device locking, enterprise mobility management, mobile device software security, secure network communication and black box testing. There are also ambitions to expand the scope of the centre to include imaging and audio technologies in the future.

– HMD Global PR July 2, 2020

The last sentence has the juice that all of us want to see. So, although we won’t see some magical things happening in the short run, HMD Global does have a long-term vision to expand the kind of R&D activities that will be performed at the facility in Finland. In fact, HMD Global announced that they will immediately start a recruitment drive and going by Ari’s announcement at his LinkedIn (screenshot below), they will also be looking for technology experts in areas of security, imaging and audio.

LinkedIn post by Ari
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