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HMD Global to Offer Bootloader Unlocking on Nokia Android Phones

Nokia6 and Nokia 8

Music to the ears of those who love root and custom ROMs. HMD Global is going to offer bootloader unlocking on its Android smartphones. If that happens, the Nokia Android phones will become the true (affordable) alternative to Google’s Nexus Pixel lineup.

An unlocked bootloader will open up a number of options for the pro users. This includes (but not limited to) rooting and installing custom ROMs. While the pure Android on Nokia phones is smooth and fluid, some users definitely want to do more. An unlocked bootloader is all they need to customize their phone the way they want.

However, HMD Global only revealed that it is in their pipeline. And they are obviously not working on it immediately. So, it may take a few weeks to months before we see the first Nokia phone with an unlocked bootloader. We’ll definitely have a user friendly guide on unlocking the bootloader once HMD Global offers the same.

What will you do with the unlocked bootloader? HMD Global wants to know how you will customize your Nokia phone once you have an unlocked bootloader? They are also asking your opinion about the device on which bootloader unlocking should be offered first? I believe the competition will be between the Nokia 6 and Nokia 8. Which one do you pick?


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