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HMD’s collab with Light.co might be the real deal as Juho Sarvikas starts following Light on Twitter


How else to certify a rumor than to follow the company quoted in the rumors? That is exactly what Juho Sarvikas, HMD’s CPO has done to kind-of certify that HMD, FIH and LightCo are cooking something together. Yes, he has just recently (via Reddit) started following LightCo’s Twitter account.

Juho starts following Light on Twitter

LightCo is an American startup working on devices with up to 9 camera sensors. They haven’t worked on a smartphone yet, but given the fact that FIH Mobile is an investor in Light, there are infinite possibilities of FIH having the privilege to use Light’s tech in its smartphones.

Rumors of a Nokia device with a penta-lens camera setup have been around for a while. However, they are fueled recently when Roland Quandt revealed info of a Nokia device with project code (A1P). The device is said to sport Snapdragon 845 processor and an under-display fingerprint scanner.

Nokia penta lens prototype | Image via: NokiaMob

He also talked of a high-risk camera and this could be exactly what they are cooking along with LightCo. Nokia’s smartphone history has revolved around cameras. If HMD Global manages to bring a shaking innovation in camera technology, that is one of the best thing(s) they can do to bring back the former glory of Nokia smartphones.

Personally speaking, it is hard for me to expect a camera innovation from the young HMD Global which is already having its foot in too many areas. But, the collaboration between the three companies (FIH, Light and HMD) can have infinite possibilities. Here are some of the other interesting facts shared in the Reddit post.

  • Foxconn, the manufacturer of Nokia phones and a Light investor, announced a phone with its multi-lens array will be announced later this year

  • Dave Grannan, the co-founder and CEO of Light, was a former Nokia executive

  • Nokia invested in Pelican Imaging, which also made array cameras, back in 2013

NokiaMob has done a great job at connecting these rumors and also what we can expect from the collaboration between Light and HMD. I recommend reading these two articles:

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  2. Light.co working on a five to nine camera setup for mobile phones
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