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New Nokia 2 sketch leaks: Shows off the front & back 

We’ve already seen the sketch showing Nokia 2 from the front. Now, Nokibar has tweeted another image of the Nokia 2. This time baring the back as well. 

Nokia 2 leak sketch front and rear
Nokia 2 Sketch

The back of the phone is pretty common, featuring the camera and the LED flash. The loudspeaker appears at the bottom right of the phone. The hole above the loudspeaker might feature the secondary microphone used for noise cancellation. This is a mere sketch, so the actual device might be slightly different than how it looks in sketches. 

Lumia 620 official
Nokia Lumia 620

The image poster also exclamates that the phone probably looks like a larger Lumia 620. The battery of the Nokia 2 is also supposed to pack more mAh as compared to the L620. 

Source: Nokibar on Twitter

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