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No, the Nokia 2.1, 3.1 & 5.1 DO NOT offer USB Type-C connectivity

Nokia 2.1

My favorite thing from the Moscow launch was Nokia deciding to offer USB Type-C connectivity on the Nokia 2.1, 3.1 & 5.1. It was not mentioned by anybody on the stage. However, the specifications of all the models went live on Nokia website soon after the devices were announced on stage. Nokia.com website (at least the Indian version) mentioned all devices to be featuring USB Type-C connectivity. Not sure what happened overnight and the mention of Type-C is replaced with MicroUSB.

Nokia type C twitter

Users on Twitter and other social media were already praising Nokia for this decision. Many websites all over the world, even popular websites like NokiaPowerUser mentioned the Type-C connectivity. I’m linking to a screenshot because the article will obviously get updated soon.Nokia type C on 3.1, 2.1, & 5.1

This is bad publicity and creates confusion in the minds of the buyers. Imagine if somebody is to be an early-bird buyer and makes his purchase solely based on what is mentioned on these publications. I agree that one should always cross-check with the Nokia website, but it is the Nokia website which provided inaccurate information at the first place.

And while I am writing this, the official Nokia websites are still showing inaccurate information for What’s in the box. Now the phone features a MicroUSB port under specifications, but ships with a Type-C cable in the box? 🤦‍♂

Nokia 2.1 type-C
Dear HMD Global, please be slightly more responsible when you upload information to YOUR website. I hope the website pages will get corrected soon.

And somebody please help me if it is too expensive to offer Type-C on cheaper devices? Why are companies not offering something which is a standard. It’s been a few years since the inception of Type-C and it’s about time that all phones start adopting it across their portfolio. One Nokia charger cannot fit another phone is so sad to think of.

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