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Nokia 2 will not have VoLTE support; Sales in India might be affected!

Nokia 2 FCC Images
Nokia 2 Prototype
Nokia 2 FCC Images
Nokia 2 Prototype

The past few weeks have seen a number of good news about Nokia/HMD Global. However, there’s one disappointing news coming in. The upcoming Nokia 2 smartphone will not have support for VoLTE calling, although the smartphone will be LTE compatible. The information comes from the FCC reports where it is mentioned that the Nokia 2 with product codes – TA-1029 and TA-1035 – do not feature VoLTE. This can severely affect the sales of the smartphone in markets with a high demand for VoLTE services.

Nokia 2 VoLTE
Nokia 2 FCC Report

VoLTE matters in India

The missing support for VoLTE (Voice over LTE) on the Nokia 2 may not have an affect on sales in most of the markets. However, in India where Reliance Jio has overturned the mobile phone operator business, VoLTE has become an important requirement for users buying new smartphones. Jio in India offers super cheap plans with GBs of data, never offered before by any other operator. All of these plans come with unlimited voice & video calls. However, the Jio network is an LTE network only and requires VoLTE for calling. That is, if you pop in the Jio SIM card into a 2G/3G smartphone, there will be no network. So, a 4G LTE smartphone along with VoLTE or HD calling is required to make the fullest use of Jio services. Nokia 2 will be able to use Jio’s data services, however not the voice calling.

Fans from India have been asking for a VoLTE compatible feature phone from Nokia. Especially after the introduction of the Jio Phone which brings LTE connectivity at a price of just Rs. 1,499 (~$24). Seeing a 2017 smartphone without VoLTE may disappoint Nokia fans in India.

There’s still some hope

The FCC certification applies to the devices to be sold in the United States. So, there is some hope that HMD Global will bring a different variant of the Nokia 2 to India and other markets where VoLTE may make a difference. A Nokia 2 variant (TA-1007) exists which hasn’t appeared at FCC so far.

Smartphone vendors in India have also managed to enable VoLTE calling on their existing smartphones via OTA updates as well. So, that’s another way HMD can add VoLTE support to the Nokia 2 wherever needed.

The Nokia 2 is expected to be announced alongside Nokia 8 in an event taking place in London.

What is your opinion about the missing VoLTE on Nokia 2? Does it matter to you?

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