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Nokia 5 up for pre-bookings at some stores in India, Availability unknown!

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During the launch of Nokia 5 in India, HMD announced that the phone will be available for pre-booking from 7th July. However, all is not well here. I have contacted about 7 of the Nokia retail stores in Chandigarh. Yes, they have plenty of stores now :p

However, none of the retail stores have proper information on the Nokia 5. Out of the 7 stores, only 1 agreed that the Nokia 5 can be pre-ordered. But that wasn’t official either. It was just store manager saying that “You can pre-book by depositing Rs. 1,000 or 2,000. But I’m not sure when it will be available.” Another store claimed that the phone is not available for any pre-booking and the sales will start in August.

So, Nokia stores can accept pre-bookings from the customers at their own will. That said, they have received no communication and/or promo material from Nokia/HMD India. Some claim that additional details will unfold in the coming days. So, for now, the Nokia 5 doesn’t seem to be becoming available anytime soon. And prebooking something without a date to count on seems pointless.

This leads me to conclude that while the Nokia 6’s flash sale registrations will start from 14th, the actual flash sale will only take place somewhere in August! I’ll still keep my fingers crossed, wishing that I am wrong.

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