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Nokia 6 is the #1 Trending Phone at GSMArena.com for Week 24

Back View of Nokia 6, branding

The Nokia nostalgia is not going away anytime soon. The Nokia 6 has one again topped the GSMArena charts. This time it grabs the number 1 spot out of the top 10 trending phones for the week 24. The recent market launches especially in India have attracted a wide public interest in the phone. This is a fresh entry of the Nokia 6. It wasn’t at any spot in the top 10 list from last week.

Nokia 6 number 1 tredning phone on Gsmarena

The second spot is taken by the OnePlus 5 which is spending big on marketing now. So, Nokia 6 ranking at #1 without any targeted ads has a lot to say. Unsurprisingly, the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 aren’t getting the same public love as the Nokia 6 is getting. A premium offering is what people look at and admire first.

Nokia still has that brand loyalty and value. Hopefully, the new phones will stick to the Nokia spirit by being useful as well as durable.


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