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Nokia 6 in India Will Come Bundled with Amazon Apps? (Bloatware?)

Nokia 6 - Front View, homescreen
Nokia 6 will come pre-installed with Amazon apps. Are these apps not part of the 'bloatware' which we all hate?

“Unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer.” This is how Google search defines bloatware.  Executives from HMD Global have shown their disinterest in bloatware in numerous interviews. After all of this, the Nokia 6 in India will come to India with Amazon apps pre-installed.

When we talk of Amazon apps, it means 2 apps i.e. Amazon Shopping and Prime Video. I’m not saying that these apps are useless, but they might not be of use to every buyer of the Nokia 6. Nokia is just starting off, with numerous promises about regular software updates, stock Android with no bloatware and quality support. Nokia seems to be already breaking that one promise of ‘no bloatware’ by partnering with Amazon and installing their apps.

This makes me slightly doubtful about the other promises which they’ve been making. Who knows tomorrow Nokia will partner with a new service and offer more pre-installed software. Microsoft would certainly be eying to bundle its Office apps on Nokia phones. So will Nokia say no to the incoming money? Probably, but they didn’t do that this time!

Agreed that not all apps are useless for the users. However, the question is – Who decides the difference between bloat and non-bloat apps? To some, even the pre-installed Google apps would be useless. Bundling Amazon apps could be an Amazon requirement for Amazon exclusive mobile phones? Hopefully, the apps are removable as per the user’s choice. What do you think?

For those looking for a source, the information comes from Amazon’s page for Nokia 6. Amazon is running the Rs. 1000 cashback offer and includes the following words to call out the offer “Amazon Exclusive Phones with Amazon Apps “. It is evident from the statement that this Amazon exclusive phone will come with Amazon apps.

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