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Updated: Nokia 6.1 Plus gets August update in India; Adds stability, but removes the ability to hide the notch

Nokia X6 black and White with Android One

Nokia Mobile is pushing the first main software update to the recently launched Nokia 6.1 Plus. Users in India are reporting (at Nokia community) the arrival of a 380MB software update which mentions just two things in the change-log: 1. Improved system stability & 2. Update Google security patch 2018-08. The update is likely kicked off yesterday i.e. 1st of September but it is also possible that the update was already pushed and the users have just now started receiving the deliveries of the phone.

It’s just the start of September and the August update is pretty late. Anyhow, better late than never. Hopefully the September update will arrive faster. If the update is coming from the collected feedback, it should also be addressing the little camera lag and add some improvements to the ambient light sensor.

I’m yet to hear positive sides of the update from the Nokia 6.1 Plus users. However, complaints are flowing in from the users who do not like the “notch”. Apparently, the update removed the software setting (status bar style) to hide the notch. This won’t affect many who are happy (I’m assuming they are) with the notch, but some who do not like it are definitely speaking out now.

Update: Laura, the moderator at Nokia Community said (via Nokia Community) that the removal of notch hide option is per the requirement set by Google. No idea why would Google have such a requirement, but if that’s true, it is very alarming as we cannot expect even basic level of customization in our Nokia phones.

Update 2: Juho Sarvikas tweeted that the option to hide the notch (status bar style) will be re-introduced on the Nokia 6.1 Plus. Probably in a future software release and that would likely be September security patch. However, unless that happens, it’s just words.

Other than that, another Google app has been forcefully pushed to the device. This time it is Files Go, which replaces the previous simple file manager called “files”. Files Go is a nice app which can help clear unwanted images from the device, but I have some problems with the way Google forces its apps. Files Go is not a replacement to a proper file manager.

Another thing I feel is that the change-log should reflect most visual changes which are made to the OS. Hiding everything behind a security or stability tag is a weird scenario since the users do not get to know what exactly is expected to change with the update. Nokia Mobile should try to keep the change-log more clear.

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