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Nokia 6 is having pairing problems with Android Auto; but Nokia Mobile Care doesn’t bother

Android Auto
Nokia 6 sold in the USA is failing to connect to car's infotainment system powered by Android Auto. But Nokia Mobile Care does not feel that this is a problem.

Nokia 6 is currently the best that Nokia Mobile (HMD Global) is offering to the market. The phone has just started retailing in the USA via Amazon and the problems have started appearing.

While I was browsing XDA-Developer forums, I came across a recent thread about Android Auto not working with the Nokia 6. That’s okay, problems can happen. But what is saddening is the way Nokia Mobile Care attended to the customer. The chat representative completely removed Android Auto from the level of support they can offer.

Android Auto is a standard and it is unexpected from a new phone to not work with the standard. While Nokia support should have forwarded this to the software development team to look into, they simply pushed the customer to contact Google because they do not provide support regarding Android Auto.

I’m no lawyer. I do not know if Nokia is fully responsible for the Android Auto support. But I feel the way Nokia support handled the customer’s query was inappropriate and the support representative seems untrained. Android isn’t like Windows Phone where all OS problems were simply pushed towards Microsoft.

Here is the full chat conversation of the customer (embhorn):

Nokia phones support
Hi! How can we help you today with your Nokia phone or accessory?

Hi I just bought a Nokia 6 Amazon phone. Iamd very happy, except I cannot get it to work with Android Auto in my car.

23m ago
Hello, thank you for contacting Nokia Mobile Care

You’re welcome

20m ago
When you try to connect the phone with you cat, what happens exactly?

It just charges. AA does not get started.
I had a Nexus 5 before this, and it worked perfectly with AA.

18m ago
What is AA?

Android Auto

18m ago
Is it your AA up to date?


16m ago
I hope this information should be useful for you: https://support.google.com/androidau…48029?hl=en-GB

Yes I have tried that.

13m ago
Did you download the Android Auto app?

The app works fine in standalone mode, but it should connect to the car’s infotainment system when plugged in.

12m ago
What happens when you try to connect the phone in your car?

The phone starts charging, but that is all.

9m ago
For this issue, please contact the Android support, because this is a issue between Android operative systems

That is disappointing. I will be returning the Nokia 6.

7m ago
One moment please
Please check the compatibility list of the devices for your car
You can also contact with the support for your car

What does that mean? AA is a standard, such that if the car supports it and the phone supports it they should work together.
Is there a higher level of tech support available?

2m ago
We are Nokia Mobile Care

You are just trying to send me somewhere else.

a minute ago
But we don’t support issues with Android Auto

Hmmm… That is terrible customer support.
Good luck selling phones that don;t support Android standards.

embhorn’s previous phone – Nexus 5 worked fine with Android Auto. Another Nokia 6 buyer (Arekay3) has the same problem while his iPhone worked fine.

SourceXDA Developers

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