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Nokia 6 reaches 20 million+ hits on GSMArena

The Nokia 6 is famous and we really mean it. After staying among the top 10 trending phones for a number of weeks, the Nokia 6 has finally accomplished 20 Million hits on GSMArena. For a quick comparison, the iPhone 7 has attained 22.3 Million hits since its launch. The iPhone 7 was launched in September 2016 whereas the Nokia 6 only released in the January of 2017.

Nokia 6 20 Million Hits on GSmArena
Nokia 6 20 Million Hits

Nokia phones have been absent from the market for a while, but people haven’t forgotten the brand. It is always wonderful feeling as a fan when facts do the talking. So, thanks to GSMArena for having the hit counter publicly available. More thanks to the amazing Nokia fans who have accepted the brand’s re-entry into the market with a big heart!

The Nokia 6 is available in a number of markets already. HMD Global is trying hard to bring the Nokia 6 to other markets. The first availability in India is due for August 23rd via flash sale to be held on Amazon.in.

ViaViccky Maurya on Twitter