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Nokia 6 sold out “within seconds” in India (Amazon Flash Sale)

As was expected from a flash sale, the Nokia 6 lasted only a few seconds before getting out of stock. The first ever flash sale for Nokia 6 in India kicked off at 12 PM (IST) and a few seconds later, it was all gone. The next sale of Nokia 6 is scheduled at 12PM on 30th of August.

There is no information on the number of units sold. So, it is impossible to say for sure if it was huge demand or an extreme shortage of supply which caused the sale to end within seconds. While supply cannot be estimated, the demand was certainly great if we look at the “1 Million +” registrations for the flash sale of Nokia 6.

I personally do not like the idea of flash sales. It can be a good idea from a business’s standpoint, but that’s it. Inconvenience to the customers and black marketing goes high in this situation of limited supply. Anyways, if you have missed the opportunity to grab the Nokia 6 for yourself, then you can try again in the next sale. It is due on Wednesday, August 30th.

Also, don’t forget to tell us how excited and lucky you are if you’ve managed to place an order! We have a comments section down below, dedicated to you 🙂

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