Nokia 7.2 bootloader can be unlocked easily like a Google Pixel

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HMD Global’s newest Nokia 7.2 is shipping with a bootloader which can be unlocked just like the Google Pixel. Is it HMD finally realizing the importance of offering the bootloader? Or is it is a mistake of their software team? Whatever the reason be, the Nokia 7.2 buyers are here for the win. The bootloader on the Android One powered Nokia 7.2 can be unlocked just like a Google Pixel.

To unlock the bootloader, you need to follow the standard OEM unlock steps. That involves enabling the OEM Unlocking toggle in the “Developer Options”. And then sending the fastboot flashing unlock command after bringing the Nokia 7.2 into bootloader mode. For detailed instructions, refer to the post at TechMesto.

Bootloader unlocking will naturally wipe all existing data on the phone. It is worth noting that HMD may void warranty on the phones spotted with an unlocked bootloader. Also, do note that bootloader unlock is an advanced-user segment where you can brick the device if you are not careful enough.

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