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Nokia 7 plus is eligible for the Android P developer preview

Nokia 7 Plus

Nokia Mobile announced the Android P developer preview for Nokia phones. Android P developer ROM is available for immediate installation on the Nokia 7 plus. As the name suggests, these developer beta builds are only suitable for developers (and some very experienced users). So, normal users should just avoid them.

App and platform developers use these early builds to upgrade their apps. This ensures compatibility and the apps also make proper use of new features of the new version of Android. Android P developer preview for Nokia 7 plus is not available as OTA. So, you need to download the full package and flash it via ADB sideload.

And if you decide to get out of developer preview, then the downgrade to Android O is also delivered as a standalone package. You will also need to wipe your user data in the process. So, once again, if you are a normal user, then rethink before deciding to install it on your Nokia 7 plus.

Enroll for developer preview by visiting Nokia Developer webpage.

Nokia is trying to push the Nokia 7 plus as a developer device. However, such a pity that neither the source code for the same is available, nor the method for bootloader unlocking. I do not see much of a reason why a serious developer would choose a Nokia phone with such limitations.

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