Nokia 8 launch coming up in a few hours – Live stream details

Nokia 8 Silver

Nokia Mobile is launching the highly anticipated Nokia 8 smartphone tonight. The launch is taking place in London and starts at 7:30PM (london time). Since time zones can be confusing, here’s a countdown timer for you to understand when the event starts.

[waiting name=”Nokia8″]

We were expecting Nokia Mobile to put up a livestream via Facebook or YouTube. But it seems that they are taking an alternate route this time.

Nokia 8 Launch – Live stream details:

Nokia Mobile is not doing a live stream of the event by themselves. Instead, they roped in known YouTubers – Ali A and Jonathan Morrison to cover the launch. So, in order to watch the live launch of Nokia 8, you need to check the channels of these YouTubers. We will add the links of the respective live videos from YouTube when they are available. Till then, you can visit the YouTube channels by visiting the following links:

Ali A’s YouTube Channel | Jonathan Morrison’s YouTube Channel

Update: It seems that this is not a high-profile launch event at all. Nokia Mobile just tweeted and it makes us feel that this will be more of an unboxing and live specs show off rather than a full fledged and staged media event. That said, the location of this live unboxing suggests that they will be able to do a live demo of the Nokia OZO audio technology.

We do not know how will these personalities cover the event. It may either be in a vlog format or probably Nokia Mobile will simply handle them the new Nokia 8 for them to reveal. Anything can happen, but these channels are the only two sources where the public can get glimpse of the launching of Nokia 8.

That said, we will continue trying and will update you as soon we spot a more official live stream of the launch. Check the end of the post where wil will do a live blog of everything we get to know about the Nokia 8.

Nokia 8 Launch: Liveblog

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