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Nokia 9 (TA-1012) Appears at FCC – Nokia 9 w/ 6GB RAM?

Nokia 9 is coming more closer to the curtain raiser. Now a Nokia phone with model TA-1012 has passed the FCC. What’s interesting here is that HMD Global has requested for transferring results and permits from the TA-1004 model to TA-1012. HMD has also mentioned again and again that there are no changes in the two models which would affect the test results.

Transfer permits from TA-1004 to TA-1012

TA-1004 was the model which appered at Geekbench with 4GB of RAM. Now, since HMD has requested to transfer the results, the TA-1012 should be the exact copy of the TA-1004. This can mean two things:

  1. There are two variants of Nokia 9, one with 6GB RAM and the other with 4GB; or
  2. The 4GB RAM variant (TA-1004) is canceled and the permits are transferred to a new model to sell the Nokia 9 with 6GB of RAM

Generally the products passing/appearing at FCC are near to their final announcements. So, can we see Nokia 9 being announced in a month?

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