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Nokia event tidbits: Strongly compete with Chinese brands; R&D Lab in Shenzhen

Sarvikas HMD CPO
Image Source: @sarvikas on Instagram

HMD Global’s CPO, Juho Sarvikas made a bunch of additional announcements besides the Nokia X6. X6 was the prime product at the launch event, but Sarvikas took to the stage towards the end to make a few announcements. He spoke in English while a translator worked rapidly to translate and communicate his words to the audience. I’m so sorry I didn’t take any screenshots.

Sarvikas HMD CPO
Image Source: @sarvikas on Instagram

Compete with Chinese brands

For sure, the biggest competition that global phone manufacturers have is from Chinese OEMs. Juho showed strong stance to compete with the top 3 local brands in China in terms of pricing. It is already evident from the way HMD adopted a more aggressive pricing and marketing for the X6 (leaks, teasers, buzz building; etc).

New R&D Lab in Shenzhen with focus of 5G & Imaging

Juho also mentioned that they are developing a new laboratory (Nokia Mobile Global Future Lab) in Shenzhen, China. Developing next-gen and cutting-edge technologies for providing core strategic development of Nokia phones will be the prime objective of this laboratory. China is the hub of industry’s top talents and having a base in China will provide for faster development of future technologies. The lab will focus on 4 core areas:

  • 5G technology: The next big thing coming up in mobile communications is 5G. It is good that HMD is getting serious about developing and implementing the same in future Nokia phones.
  • Innovation in Imaging: To further enhance, innovate and improve AI imaging technology.
  • New materials & manufacturing processes
  • Future mobile user experience

The teams in Shenzhen will actively coordinate with HMD Global’s innovation teams at Helsinki and London.  They will also cooperate with local companies to develop future technologies.

I am very positive on HMD’s move to set up a base in China. This will significantly improve the speed at which Nokia products are developed and new technologies are incumbated into the phones. Shenzhen is like a world dedicated to “Mobile phone hardware and software”. I see no reason for any phone manufacturer to not have a deep foot in Shenzhen. Very good step indeed!

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  • Great article. Please do an article about HMD’s R&D team/labs. There’s a lot of misinformation regarding Nokia phones being ‘chinese’ phones for whatever reason..