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“Nokia Extensions” Magisk Module brings CN ROM features to Global ROM

Nokia phones sold in China do not run on Android One. Instead, they use a stock-ish Android with some feature additions which make the whole experience better. When Akilesh (from LoveNokia) used the CN ROM on his Nokia 6, he felt that the global users are missing something.

This inspired him to develop a Magisk module which brings the features from CN ROM to the Global ROM. It is entirely free to use and delivers the following features:

  • Data speed indicator: Displays the real-time network speed on the status bar of your Nokia smartphone.
  • Screenshot+: Edit screenshots as well as take virtually scrolling screenshots.
  • AI Ball: The floating ball on your screen which lets you quickly access apps or toggles from any screen.
  • Screen recorder: While also possible using 3rd party apps, this native functionality in the CN ROM helps you record your screen.
  • Junk Cleaner
  • Smart Boost
  • Task manager: View and stop running processes.
  • Virus Scanner: I’m not sure how reliable it is, but it is included in the CN ROM and you get to experience it in the global ROM.
  • Nokia Pure font: It is not used in the CN ROM. But why not use Nokia’s official font on a Nokia phone?

Supported phones: All Nokia smartphones on Android 9.0 or 8.1 are supported. The only exception is Nokia 7.1.

Your device needs to be rooted to use Magisk modules. Nokia 8 is the only device on which you can unlock the bootloader officially. That said, unofficial bootloader unlocking is possible on most other Nokia phones too.

Download: You can find the extension in the Downloads section of Magisk manager.

For more details and screenshots, visit LoveNokia.

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