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“We are Nokia” Hoardings Start Appearing in Phone Stores in India

We are Nokia 2

Nokia is a people’s brand. It might not need those fancy hoardings and banners to sell, but they are needed to communicate to the consumers. The Indian marketing team at HMD Global is really doing it well. The Indian marketplace which is now flooded with OPPO and Vivo type hoardings is seeing something old again!

Big and simple banners reading “We are NOKIA” are appearing in many Indian retail stores now. The Nokia 3 has barely started retailing. The things will be on another level when the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 join the Nokia 3 to create a dedicated Nokia section in the retail stores. The above images are from Muzqffarpur, Bihar, India.

The other day I was having a small talk with a friend that Oppo and Vivo have practically left no space for Nokia to hand its brand hoardings. His short and simple reply was “Nokia doesn’t need to be on the hoardings or the roads. It lives in our hearts”. This is the power of the Nokia brand name. The kind of attachment we people have with this brand name is not easy to take over via hoardings and big banners.

I will try to roam around my city to see if some stores are showing the Nokia love. How about you? Can you also go around and get some nice pictures for everybody to enjoy? 😉

Photo credits: Anil Kumar

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