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Nokia Mobile support app gets a new design, icon; and a new name!

Nokia Support app

Nokia Mobile has pushed a significant update to the Nokia mobile support app. Before anything else, the app has changed name. It is now shown in the device as “My phone”. So, before you wonder what happened to the newly updated app, it is right there, just with an unexpected name.

The latest update introduces a redesign of the UI and changes the font weight at various areas. It also becomes easier to access the Nokia Community. Nokia is also pushing the “App Highlights” a little harder now. The app highlights are suggestions for apps which might be useful for you, but they also include some sponsored listings.

The app also gets a new icon. The icon is none from the five choices which were put up at Nokia community for users to vote. Figure A won with the highest number of votes. Maybe it will be changed in a later update; else it kind of breaks the whole purpose of creating an official poll.

Here’s changelog uploaded the the listing on the Play Store.

  • Visual redesign of the app UI
  • All-new home view for smoother navigation
  • Enjoy a fresher look and feel across the entire app
  • Along with these updates, the app has been renamed My phone
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