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Nokia, Tele2 & Reach for Change partner to develop real-time translation service

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Nokia, together with Tele2 (Swedish operator) and Reach for Change (Charity) are developing a real-time translation service. The aim is to offer real-time translation service, allowing people with different langauges to talk on the phone. This is Nokia coming to it’s true slogan of “Connecting people”.

The service is aimed to help Syrian refugees communicate as they arrive in Sweden. Nokia is making use of the technology from Microsoft, after making connectivity change so that it works on Tele2’s network. In the initial test phase, the service will be tested with four pairs of friends. The focus will be on Syrian Arabic-English translation.

Peter Wennerström, Head of CBT Nordic and Baltic, Nokia, comments: “We are excited to test this solution and see how it can be applied. It is essential that people living in Sweden can understand and engage with societal functions in the country, regardless of the language they speak. Once this technology is ready for mass use, there will be no limits to the communication potential it can unlock in society. With this initiative, Nokia – in cooperation with its customers – can connect the unconnected and bring the benefits of technology to our communities.”

Good job, Nokia! While the service is still in testing phase, it is welcome and I appreciate Nokia’s intention to help reduce communication barriers between the Swedish people and the newly arrived.

Know more about Reach for Change.

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