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Nokia X6 teasers by Nokia Mobile | Priced 1499 RMB ($236) for 64GB+4GB variant?

Nokia X6 price suning

Nokia X6 leaks just won’t come to an end. The official Nokia weibo account is so full of teasers of the Nokia X6. This time Nokia went down the line to play the real marketing game in China i.e. how we see local brands from China marketing and teasing their products.

Nokia X will go live at an event on 16th of May at 15:30. In a series of posts, Nokia Mobile teased about the reintroduction of Nokia X series, which first came into focus in 2014. Nokia Mobile is also doing a countdown using the numbers “3” and “2” build out of several words in China.

LoveNokia discovered that “Zeiss” is also one of these words. Now, that doesn’t assure that Nokia X6 will come with Zeiss optics, since we haven’t seen Zeiss branding on any leaks so far. However, there are chances that a more pricier version of Nokia X6 (6GB?) may come with Zeiss optics.

Nokia X6 to start at 1499 RMB?

There’s another image posted on Weibo, which looks like a screenshot from the Suning’s mobile app reveals the price of the Nokia X6. The screenshot mentions the Nokia X6, 19:9 display ratio, double sided glass, 64GB storage and 4GB RAM. The quoted price is RMB 1499 (~USD $236). Registrations for the flash sale will start soon after the announcement and the sale will likely be held on 21st of May during 15:30 – 15:45.Nokia X6 price suning

Suning image source: Weibo
Nokia Mobile Weibo images via: NokiaMob

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