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TSMT is HMD’s new manufacturing partner in India

TSMT India

HMD Global has partnered with TSMT Technology India Private Limited for the manufacturing of new Nokia branded phones in India. The information comes off the label on the packaging of Nokia 4.2. It has been a while since news broke out that FIH Mobile was uninterested in further manufacturing of most Nokia phones as they were encountering losses due to poor margins. So, such a move was certainly expected.

TSMT manufactured Nokia 4.2

TSMT Technology India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of TSMT (Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corp.). The company is based in Taiwan, and has several production bases, with 7 of them in China and 1 in India. One concerning thing about the company is that it does not list any experience in manufacturing or assembly of smartphones. So, it could be them venturing into something new; or else they did not keep their website updated.

Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corp is a worldwide leading LCD SMT (Surface-mount Technology) production solutions provider. It’s scope of services covers the procurement and management of materials and components, process engineering design, SMT processing, quality assurance, logistics management and after-sales services.

With the expansion of our production bases, our products are diversified, ranging from the main boards of personal computer and mobile phone TFT-LCD. Along with the technology innovation, we provide a variety of services and becoming the engineer of “Global Information Revolution”.

It is possible that TSMT is just one of the several ODMs which HMD will contract for the manufacturing. Earlier LoveNokia reported that the production sample of Nokia Wasp (codename) was manufactured by Huaqin Telecom Technology Company LTD. So, we can continue to speculate that there are more ODMs in the list.

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