[Unofficial] Bootloader unlock of Nokia 8, Nokia 7, Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 2 made possible!

Nokia 6 Bootloader Unlocked

A senior member at at XDA-Developers forum has just found a way to unlock the bootloader of Nokia Android phones. The member who goes by the name the_laser is offering to provide the signature file to unlock the bootloader. A bunch of users have already used the signature file to unlock the bootloader I’m not sure if it is a loophole, or HMD just getting closer to offering bootloader unlocking which it promised.

The_laser is very active in Nokia related forum topics, especially those concerning development. All he needs to get the signature file is the device’s model and the IMEI number, no money involved. Hikari_Calyx was so desperate that he has already got the signature file and shared his Nokia 6 with the bootloader unlocked.

If you’re desperate to unlock the bootloader, then here’s your chance. Go to the thread mentioned in the source below and give the_laser a try. Also, since things are finally moving, it will only be a matter of days before the method to generate signature files goes official. Or maybe HMD Global will soon officially offer bootloader unlocking. Things are certainly in the right direction!

Update: the_laser is no longer offering the bootloader unlock codes. Now you need to buy bootloader unlock code to unlock the devices. You can buy bootloader unlock key for $5 at TechMesto.

Once you have the file, you just need to flash it and then send the oem unlock command. Here’s the same for your reference:

fastboot flash unlock <signature file>
fastboot oem unlock-go

Warning! Unlocking the bootloader will delete all the data on your device and bring it to clean state. You should already be knowing this, but I’ve still done my part of reminding you. Good luck!

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