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[Video] Art, Craft & Science Behind Awesome HERE Maps

This is an official video published by HERE Maps, a well established mapping business run by Nokia. The video demonstrates the process and hard work behind the creation of these amazing HERE maps which everybody is loving to have.

HERE maps aren’t magically created in a computer, though that is certainly a part of the journey. The information comes from a variety of sources. From satellites and from planes initially, but in some ways, this is the lowest resolution of map we deal with. From HERE mapping vehicles, collecting 700,000 points a second to pick up every nuance of city streets in three dimensions.

Map making in incredibly complex, incredibly costly and very human intensive. So we must appreciate Nokia for making these maps available for free and keeping them updated as the environment around us changes.

Also, in various locations, HERE lets you edit maps to include or add any missing information which hasn’t been covered yet. Be sure to take part and help make the maps even better and reliable.

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