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Video – Nokia 3310 (2017) Hands-on and Drop Test (Hint: Doesn’t Disappoint)

nokia 3310 drop test

nokia 3310 drop testNokia 3310 is back after about 15 years, but it still packs the same punch. The original Nokia 3310 used to drop off its components (like many other Nokia feature phones). The 2017 edition of Nokia 3310 is nowhere different. It follows the same design aesthetics as the original and similarly detaches its components.

Here’s a video from a YouTube channel. The language is probably French, which we you probably don’t understand. So, the 6-minute long hands-on part isn’t much interesting. However, what’s interesting is the drop test in which the person drops the Nokia 3310 (2017) from shoulder height.

As expected, the phone survives the drop just fine. It just disassembles into 3 components viz the back cover, battery and the rest of the phone. If that happens to you, you can just pick up the components, join them together and you’re ready to using your phone again!

I’ve never owned the old Nokia 3310, but this reminds me of the Nokia 1200 which I used for a few years. Which phone are you reminded of?

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