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Welcome Back, Nokia & Welcome, New Nokia

Nokia from Finland today launched its first device after the sale of its Devices and Services division to Microsoft. We want to say warm Welcome to Nokia and are establishing ourselves as a premier source of news and information related to the New Nokia. There are many Nokia blogs which moved over to Lumia and Windows Phone, but here we are! Cutting all connections with the past, we are not here for Lumia or Windows Phone or Symbian or Asha, we’re here to stand with the New Nokia which is on the verge of starting off its career again.

Here, you will find news and information related to Nokia Oyj which includes:

  • Nokia Technologies
  • Nokia Netwworks
  • HERE
  • and any other ventures that Nokia may establish

We hope that you’ll have a good time reading here. We’ll try to keep this blog clean, free from too many advertisements and we welcome healthy discussion on various topics.

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